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About Us

Castaway Houses Trpanj

were built by the Salacan family. They were using genuine materials found around, stone, wood, plants, etc., or in many cases recycled materials like doors and windows, kitchen cabinets, and some furniture. Electrical and plumbing work is completely new as well as all of the related appliances. They built the cottages with great detail and passion, just like you would do it for yourself.

The cottages are located in one of the oldest Olive tree orchards on the Peljesac peninsula. The entire area is an old and restored range of olive yards, called Olive paths to Trpanj. As you walk along you will find plenty of naturally grown herbs and wildlife.castaway vacation cottages croatia peljesac peninsula trpanj

The houses are easily accessible from the main road, though tucked away to ensure your privacy and peaceful stay surroundings.

castaway vacation cottages croatia peljesac peninsula trpanjFor your convenience, there is a private garden. Plant and harvest whatever you seed there. Both cottages are supplied with municipal water and power supply as well as garbage disposal.

The nearest and one of the most beautiful beaches of Trpanj is some 120 meters away. A gravel beach with a small dock, soft sand under your foot in the sea, and plenty of tree shades offer the joy of natural bathing.

The closest bread, milk, and other food and household necessities store are some 500 meters away. All other stores, the butcher shop, fish market, the post office, Emergency room, Pharmacy, and a few really good restaurants are in downtown Trpanj, say 1500 meters away.

There are 5 other beaches within walking distance. The best of all is the famous walking trail of Trpanj. Built back in the late 19 century it will take you along the seaside to downtown Trpanj.

People of Trpanj have hosted hundreds of thousands of people over the years, from all sides of the world and all of them found Trpanj as a place of joy and liberty, better liberation, a town where you really can enjoy your vacation. Many of them are returning year after year, after year, and some decided to stay and live in Trpanj. I, the writer of this article am one of them.

We hope you will find the info provided on our pages sufficient enough to make this destination your, next vacation site.

In case you need any additional information please call or email us at:

Tel.: +385 98 893 850

Email: salacanj@gmail.com

castaway vacation cottages croatia peljesac peninsula trpanj